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·         Thursday 2018.02.15:
23:59h. Registration deadline

·         Wednesday 2018.02.21:
Publication of departure times and bibnumber of numbers

·         Friday 2018.02.23:
All day. Model Event Forest.
All day. Model Event Sprint.- (With tapes in the control from 9:30 to 19:00)
18:00h. Hard floor and secretarial opening
23: 00h. Secretarial Closure

·         Saturday 2018.02.24: (Sprint WRE / Middle Night-O)
08:30 h. Opening of the competition center in Lorca.
11:00h First start Sprint WRE.
12:30h. Last start Sprint WRE
13:00h. Awards ceremony

17:30h. Opening of the competition center at El Oasis.
19:30h. First Start Middle Night-O.
20:30h. Last Star Middle Night-O.
21:30h. End of the race.

        Sunday 2018.02.25: (Long Distance with mass start)
08:30h. Opening of the competition center in El Gigante-Este.
10:15h. Exposition mass start procedure.
10:45h. Mass Start for all categories.

13:00h. Awards ceremony of the "5th edition of Lorca O-Meeting" (long career) and raffle of gifts for those present.



  • "LORCA-LA PEÑA" SPRINT WRE (1/4000, 5m). Saturday 2018.02.24
The present edition of LorcaO-Meeting sprint race, will take place by the streets of one of the neighborhood of Lorca, with 340 meters high.

This place has been chosen for its singular relief and streets disposition, which will give very spectacular routes with a great physic and focusing demand. So a good choice of route will be essential.  

The map has been elaborated according Sprint National League rules, finished and checked in January 2018. Map scale 1:4000, equidistance 5 meters (due to streets slope).

In the competition area, road traffic is low and will be monitored. Even so, we strongly recommend BEING CAUTIOUS.

Parking area access will be made by the itinerary signaled by the organization. Access by any other way, will be a reason of disqualification.

QUARANTINE will be established only for M/F-E and M/F-20 (according rules for 2018 Sprint season). There will be no quarantine for the rest of runners, but nobody can be found in the competition area after 9:30 hours (see the map). 

Parking meeting point will be established at Embarre football field, near Lorca University campus. From here, runners will be guided to quarantine and competition area, where you’ll be able to leave your clothes.

Runners of WR M-E / F-E and M-20 / F-20 will use the same parking, and quarantine zone will be established at San Cristobal School, 400 meters from here. They must be at the school at 11:00 at the latest. (ACCESS TO QUARANTINE ZONE WONT BE PERMITED AFTER THIS HOUR). Toilet, wardrobe and warm up zone will be available.

Competition center will be placed at PLAZA DE LA VERDAD:

  • Parking area at 500 meters to Competition Center
  • Start line at 100 meters to Competition Center
  • Finish line at Competition Center
  • Quarantine area (San Cristóbal School) at 100 meters to the Competition Center and 400 meters to parking zone.

Ø  -3’ Clean up and check
Ø  -2’ Control description
Ø  -1’ Map boxes
Ø   0’ Map and start

Download at finish line, once the race will be completed.

  • “OASIS” (Lorca) Middle Night-O (1/10000, 5m). Saturday 2018.02.24
Cartographer, Jose Antonio García Murcia, remarks.

The area covered by the “Oasis” map, is very struck by the hydric erosion. This fact has created a large quantity of dells, grooves, hills and slopes that along with the numerous elements of rock, like stones and ravines, makes of this an ideal spot to orienteering practice.

Another issue to consider is the human factor. The different reforestations made trough the last century, have made terraces, further accentuated in the steepest slopes. The forest is mainly composed by Aleppo pine of repopulation alternating with glades. The shrub layer, especially rosemary and esparto, doesn’t limit the speed or development, which could be affected by loose rocks in certain areas.

About special symbols used: 
      - Symbol 531: picnic area or hunter’s stand.

Middle race (night), course planner remarks

The night race will take place in the area of “Oasis”, located at de west of “Sierra de Tercia”. The terrain, plenty of details, both of rock and relief, will increase the technical aspect of the race, demanding a good interpretation if you don’t want make mistakes. The existence of a forest-track crossing the area from north to south, as well as some paths, will be good references to be used during the race, not only to move onwards but also to be re-located in case of being at a loss. The design of the different routes, with continuous changes of direction and different possibilities of choice, will try runner skills for a night race.

The night and the technical difficulty of the terrain, have predetermined the scale choice (1/7.500) and the routes length, shorter than usual for a middle distance race. 

  • "GIGANTE ESTE".- Long Race with Mass Start (1/10000, 5m). Sunday 2018.02.25
Cartographer, Juan Francisco Sánchez, remarks
The “Gigante” map is quite comprehensive and we’ll discover lot of details. The area shows a mid–to-moderate slope. The detail of the relief appears in many ways; from small and slight dells to others longer and with multiple cliffs, as well as many gullies as a result of the hydric erosion. There are relatively deep watercourses that could affect to route choice.  Stones of small or medium size compound the rocky details (many of them doesn’t reach more than 1 meter of height). This is why we have given more emphasis on the element.

Concerning the vegetation, typical of south-East of Spain, (especially Aleppo pine), has meant an extra effort. Although “runnability” is good in the major part of the map, there are many areas where vegetation condenses and make different greens.

On the other hand, kermes oak predominates in the shrub layer, and highest ones are represented with the symbol 410.

About special symbols used:
-          Symbol 530: ancient lime pit
-          Symbol 531: picnic area or hunter’s stand
-          Symbol “brown X” (no IOF),has been used to represent tree stump

Ancient lime pit

Little stone example

Long race (mass start) course, planner remarks

In this edition of Lorca-O Meeting, the traditional Long Race with mass start will take place in the eastern slope of the “Gigante”, the second highest summit of Lorca.

Fifteen years after, we come-back to one of the areas used in “The three days of Lorca” in 2002, with a new map in this occasion, from which two pieces you can see below.

The area is divided for a forest-track that runs from east to west. The north side shows soft slopes, meanwhile in the southern one (used in the largest routes), those are moderate. Vegetation cover will be an important aspect in the race, as much as visibility reducer, as a determining factor of race speeds, being also an important element for route choice. 

The race will have the dynamism implicit of a mass start, with several changes of direction, apart from route choices inherent to the long race.

Because the great number of controls and his proximity, we strongly recommend check the code carefully. We also emphasize in represented elements (stones and landmarks) that doesn’t reach more than one meter.

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